The RTU researcher comments a «TESLA ROADSTER» deliver to the space with «FALCON HEAVY»

“In some way, this event is a new era, as a private company was able to do it,” commenting on the fact that on February 6, the Tesla Roadster, a dummy on the pilot’s site, the Latvian Radio 1 with the world’s largest and most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy, was landed in orbit. Kaspars Kalniņš, the leading researcher of the Institute of Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Riga Technical University (RTU), says on February 15 in the broadcast “Known in the Unknown”.

The US company SpaceX, which launches a rocket, is founded by Elon Musk, who has an idea of ​​how a business can be developed at a reasonable cost, K. Kalniņš said. In his opinion, this flight is a test run that has succeeded. This is also confirmed by the fact that the flight organizers were able to bring back accelerators back to Earth, moreover, they did so accurately. K. Kalniņš was most fascinated by the structural durability of this flight – this area is also at the heart of his research interests.

K. Kalnins is convinced that the rocket’s successful star was a surprise to itself. Mask and SpaceX representatives. He commends the example of this rocket flight as a good precedent for a significant cost reduction in space technology. The missile will be reusable and will be able to return precisely.

The February 15 broadcast “Known in the Unknown” can be heard on the homepage of Latvian Radio 1.

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