Ultrasound equipment

Hillgus USPC 3010

The USPC 3010 ultrasonic testing machine is designed to detect damage to composite materials. The pulse-echo ultrasound technique is used to obtain high-resolution images of internal defects in structures. The main components of the pulse-echo ultrasound technique are the short-wave ultrasonic transducer (5 or 10 MHz broadband transmitter) and the reflecting signal recording receiver. The part of the emitted signal, when encountered during construction on the surface of the structure, is reflected and recorded as a surface echo, the part of another emitted signal continues the path and, when encountered, the damage is reflected and recorded as a defect echo. An ultrasound testing machine is capable of recording 20,000 signal amplitudes and 10,000 road values per second. High-resolution images can be obtained in A, B, C, and D image-forming techniques. Ultrasound frequency range 0..35 MHz.