Impact equipment

INSTRON Dynatup 9250HV

The INSTRON Dynatup 9250 HV Impact Tower is a gravity / spring-drop weight tower, with the ability to electronically control the free fall height, weight or acceleration, as well as simulated drop height (springs) up to 20.4 m. Designed for the determination of impact strength and energy absorption properties of materials such as metals, plastics, fabrics, composite materials, as well as small components or parts and structural fragments in accordance with DIN, ASTM and other standards. The two-pronged set provides a shock force of 15.5 kN to 89 kN. Maximum impact energy up to 1603 J. Free fall height 1.25 m, simulated (spring tensioned) up to 20.4 m. Falling weight increase from 5.0 kg to 80.0 kg with graduation of 0.5, 1, 2, 5 kg. High-speed data capture (up to 5 MHz) provides precision.