RTU extends the deadines for study semesters

With the Rector’s order, Riga Technical University (RTU) extends the deadline for the end of the spring semester up to 14 August, whereas a new academic year will start on 14 September. Such a decision has been taken in order to enable students to perform all study assignments and laboratory works, which have been delayed due to the emergency situation caused by Covid-19, in a qualitative way.

The extension of the study semester does not at all mean that all students of RTU will have mandatory studies until 14 August. RTU study programmes differ — some of them can be completed earlier, possibly even in June, whereas for others, especially programmes in engineering sciences, it is required to perform laboratory works, which, unlike lectures, cannot be performed remotely.

The RTU diploma confirms that the university prepares high-skilled engineering and high-tech specialists and, therefore, even in extraordinary circumstances, the RTU study process should be carried out in full volume and students should acquire practical skills in working with special equipment, in order to be fully prepared for the labour market.

To achieve this, the set examination session period scheduled from 25 May to 21 June has been cancelled, and the nine faculties of RTU will have flexible planned schedules for lectures and exams to allow students completing this semester as soon as possible.

The deadlines currently set for the semesters can still be changed, depending on the deadlines and conditions prescribed by the government for the emergency situation.