RTU researcher about construction resistance research and engineering thinking

Riga Technical University (RTU) Construction Engineering Faculty of Materials and Constructions Institute senior researcher Kaspars Kalnins conversation with the Latvian Radio 6 Latvian University radio NABA program “Science on behalf of” driver Ivar Oyster tells about their research interests, as well as engineering thinking principle and the fact that is important in engineering studies.

The main research interests of Kaspars Kalnins are related to structural durability. His doctoral thesis defended in 2006 was dedicated to this topic as well. He has participated in several major studies, including the development of space-satellite manufacturing technologies by the European Space Agency.

Currently, K. Kalnins with colleagues working on the 3D printer filament improvement – investigating how to incorporate the glass fibers to the printout of the material could be given functionality.

When asked about the nuances of engineering thinking, Kaspar admits that everything that does not speak is well suited for this type of thinking. If you engage a person with his view that it, for example, like the white color, it’s this kind of thinking does not fall by as «love» is not an argument in engineering, so that there is an important functionality – if this color specific situation fit and «work». Good engineering thinking is characterized by the ability to perceive the whole product or solution cycle as a whole and think of several steps forward.

On October 11, 2018, the radio NABA program can be heard on the Latvian Public Media Portal.