RTU students’ visit wooden construction companies and MeKA

On November 30 all students of RTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and other interested persons are invited to go on an excursion to two wooden construction companies and the Institute of Forestry and Wood Products Research and Development.

Guided tour plan:

9.00 meeting RTU BIF in Kipsala
10.00 visit NORDIC HOMES
12.00 Visit Cross Timber Systems
14.00 Visit to the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute
16.30 return to Kipsala

The times are about, but we will try to stick to this schedule.

For all who plan to participate, please mark the “going” event on Facebook. The number of participants will be taken into consideration when ordering a bus.

Please take the sandwiches so that we can save time and have a dinner on the bus.

The tour organizer Gatis Zamtaurs will have taken all the tests. Those who have not written any of the works will be able to do it on the bus.

If you have any questions, please write to Facebook.!
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