Study Forum «Digitalisation in the Study Process»

What will the study environment look like in five years time? Can digitalisation improve the study process and how? Why would it be useful to overcome the fears and prejudices of new opportunities and to learn and use them? The RTU Studies Department and the Student Parliament invite the academic staff and students to discuss these and other issues on March 5, when the RTU Scientific Library will be open from 10am to 10pm. 11.00 – 15.00 forum «Digitalisation in the study process».

Various digital tools are already available that can be used by faculty and students in the study process, making it more interactive and effective. Some of them will be available in the forum. Leonard Budnik, lecturer at the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management at IEVF, will talk about his experience in using digital tools in the study process. He is not afraid to experiment, and his passion for diversifying the study process has proved his worth. In 2018, L. Budņiks received the “New Teacher of the Year honor” and has been repeatedly recognized by students as one of the best teaching staff by awarding the Student Parliament of the Year Award.

In order to inspire and encourage the use of modern methods and tools in the study process, RTU lecturers’ courses in the ORTUS e-learning environment will be demonstrated and positively evaluated by the students and the authors themselves as they improve study results and facilitate their work. In the practical part of the forum, those who are on the digital world with “you” will also be able to try different digital tools and make sure their use is neither complicated nor time consuming.

Forum Program:

10.30 Registration and Interactive Activity

11.00 Opening

11. 20 Summary of Interactive Activity

11.25 Students’ summary of the current situation in the ORTUS E-learning environment

11.55 Good examples of ORTUS E-learning environment

12.25 Why use digital tools in the study process?

13.00 Coffee break

13.30-15.00 Practical exercise

For attending the conference, participants will receive a certificate of professional development for five academic hours.

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