Vibrometry equipment

Polytec PSV-400

POLYTEC PSV-400 The laser vibrometer is a non-contact laser measuring device for experimental determination of dynamic parameters of structures (oscillation frequencies, oscillation modalities, variations in oscillation moduli, oscillating surface curvature parameters, structural oscillation parameters, etc.). Using available (analogue or digital) signal decoders, it is possible to measure the design volatility in the frequency range 0..20 MHz, the oscillation rate with an accuracy of ± 10 m / s and displacements in the range from nanometer to meter. The unit consists of a control panel that manages all measurement, control, regulation and analysis tasks during the system operation, and a non-contact optical measurement camera. The control panel provides the oscillation signal design, whose oscillations through a non-contact optical measuring chamber are read and digitally processed to obtain structural displacements and their speeds.


Main function:

Determination of experimental dynamic parameters (oscillation frequency, oscillation module, changeover of the overvoltage module for parameters of the oscillation modulus surface curvature parameters, design deformation, etc.).


  • working temperature: +5 … + 40 ° C;
  • relative humidity: not more than 80%;
  • frequency oscillation range: 0 … 20 MHz;
  • Accuracy of speed variation: ± 10 m / s


  • measuring instrument for contactless measurement,
  • visualization and analysis of structural vibrations.


ISI-SYS laser vibrographer is a non-contact laser measuring device designed for non-destructive testing of structures. With ISI-SYS laser turbogenerators it is possible to measure deformation structures exposed to static, dynamic or thermal loading. The ISI-SYS laser scintigraph operates using the principle of scoring – structural deflections are obtained by using the relative phase difference between two light waves emitted from laser diode (400mW) and retrieved through a light filter chamber (number of frames – 25..50 Hz). Next, a structural deformation map is obtained using the digital image correlation technique. Minimum construction diagonal length – 50 mm. Dynamic load frequency range – 0..40 kHz.