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Finite element modelling and analysis of active control for metal and composite structures by piezoelectric patches and layers

This direction of research is connected with the finite element analysis of metal and composite structures with piezoelectric sensors and actuators. This concept requires the use of sensors and actuators to control the mechanical behaviour of structural systems when using the converse piezoelectric effect to induce control forces and moments. The direct effect (electric field generation as a response to mechanical strains) is used in piezoelectric sensors; the converse effect (mechanical strain is produced as a result of an electric field) is used in piezoelectric actuators. Piezoelectric materials such as Zirconate Titanate ceramics (PZT) and Macro Fibre Composites (MFC) can be used in smart structures as sensors and/or actuators in applications such as shape control, active vibration reduction and active damping.


Riga Technical University