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Projects of European Space Agency http://www.esa.int/ESA

Development and validation of methodology for assessment of damage resistance properties of sandwich structures for European space sector, 2016-2017, http://bnm4eks.rtu.lv

Projects under EC Framework 7 programme

Security Research Ncp Network – Phase 1 – SEREN (Coordination and Support Action 2008-2009) http://www.seren-project.eu (pdf.)

Cooperation of Space NCPs as a Means to Optimise Services – COSMOS (Coordination and Support Action, 2008-2011) http://www.fp7-space.eu/ (pdf.)

Support for Realising New Member and Associate States' Potentials in Transport Research – TransNEW (Coordination and Support Action, 2009-2011) http://www.transnew.eu/ (pdf.)

Continuation of the Cooperation of Space NCPs as a Means to Optimise Services – COSMOS+ (Coordination and Support Action, 2012-2014) http://www.fp7-space.eu/ (pdf.)

Security Research Ncp Network – Phase 2 (Coordination Action, 2012-2014) http://www.seren-project.eu/ (pdf.)

New Robust Design Guideline for Imperfection Sensitive Composite Launcher Structures – DESICOS (Collaborative Project, 2012-2015) http://www.desicos.eu/ (pdf.)

One-shot Manufacturing on Large Scale of 3D up Graded Panels and Stiffeners for Lightweight Thermoplastic Textile Composite Structures – MAPICC 3D (Collaborative Project, 2011-2015) http://mapicc3d.ensait.fr/ (pdf.)

Innovative Nondestructive Testing and Advanced Composite Repair of Pipelines with Volumetric Surface Defects – INNOPIPES (Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme, 2012-2016, coordinator) http://ims.rtu.lv/innopipes/

Development of an Innovative Manufacturing Process for the in-Line Coating of pultruded composites – COALINE (Collaborative Project, 2013-2016) http://coaline.eu/ (Press release , information)

Projects under EC Framework 6 programme

Advanced low cost aircraft structures – ALCAS (Integrated Project, 2005-2011) http://alcas.twisoftware.com/

Composites and Adaptive Structures: Simulation, Experimentation and Modelling – CASSEM (Specific Targeted Research Project, 2005-2008)

Improved material exploitation at safe design of composite airframe structures by accurate simulation of collapse – COCOMAT (Specific Targeted Research Project, (2004-2008) http://www.cocomat.de

Developing lightweight modules for transport systems featuring efficient production and lifecycle benefits at structural and functional integrity using risk based design – DE-LIGHT Transport (Specific Targeted Research Project, 2006-2010)

Building Bridges between EU Member and Candidate States in Maritime Research on Transport within Frames of European Research Area – EUROMAR-Bridges (Specific Support Action, 2006-2008)

Flexible and near-net-shape generative manufacturing chains and repair techniques for complex shaped aero engine parts – FANTASIA (Specific Targeted Research Project, 2006-2010) http://www.fantasia.aero/

Multidisciplinary research and training on composite materials applications in transport modes – MOMENTUM (Marie Curie Research Training Network, 2005-2010)

Enhanced co-operation between EU member states and Associated Candidate States in Maritime Transport – ENCOMAR-Transport (Specific Support Action, 2005-2006)

Integration of technologies in support of a passenger and environmentally friendly helicopter – FRIENDCOPTER (Integrated Project, 2004-2009) http://www.friendcopter.org

Integrated Collaborative Design and Production of Cruise Vessels, Passenger Ships and Ro-Pax - INTERShip (Integrated Project, 2003-2008) http://www.intership-ip.com

Advanced Sandwich Structures in the Transportation Industry – SAND.CORe (Co-ordination Action, 2004-2006) http://www.sandcore.net

“Advanced Dynamic Modeling of Adaptive Multifunctional Materials and Structures” (EC 6FP ERA-NET MATERA 2008 – 2011)

Projects under EC Framework 5 programme

Advanced composite sandwich steel structures – NAS-SANDWICH (GROWTH, 2002-2003) http://sandwich.balport.com

Design of an advanced composite production process for the systematic manufacture of very large monocoque hybrid sandwich structures for the transportation sectors – NAS-HYCOPROD (GROWTH, 2000-2004) http://www.dappolonia.it

Improved postbuckling simulation for design of fibre composite stiffened fuselage structures – POSICOSS (GROWTH, 2000-2004)

Other International projects

Baltic-German University Liaison Office Project Programme project: "Development of methods for structural health monitoring and damage identification" http://www.hochschulkontor.lv/en/projects/projects-2012/121

COST Action TU0701, Improving the Quality of Suburban Building Stock http://costtu0701.unife.it/

COST Action TU0802, “Next generation cost effective phase change materials for increased energy efficiency in renewable energy systems in buildings (NeCoE-PCM)” http://www.tu0802.eu/

Latvian-Lithuanian-Taiwanese research project ”Characterization of Advanced Composite Material Properties”, Nr. 6986 (RTU), 2005-2007

Development of technologies of polymeric composites with nature fibres (German Federal Ministry of Science and Technology and Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, 1998-2000)

Fluid-structure interaction with damped laminated composi structures (International Science Foundation, New York, 1994-1995)

Fracture and optimal design of interfaces in fibre reinforced polymer composites (Volkswagen Foundation, Germany, 1996-1997)

Recycling technologies of fiber reinforced thermoset plastics (Commission ofEU, 1994-1995)

“Advanced Dynamic Modeling of Adaptive Multifunctional Materials and Structures” (EC 6FP ERA-NET MATERA 2008-2011)

Local research projects

The National Research Program of Latvia in Materials Science “Development of Novel Multifunctional Materials, Signal Processing and Information Technologies for Competitive Knowledge-based products”, the Project of the Program No.3 “Development and Investigations of Nanostructured Polymer Composites and Technologies for Smart Materials and Devices” (2010-2013)

The National Research Program of Latvia “Development of Modern Functional Materials for Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Photonics, Biomedicine and Construction Composites and of Relevant Technologies” (2006-2009)

Latvian Council of Science Research Project: “Innovative Design Methodology for Manufacturing of Composite Structures with Physical Validation” (Nr. 09.1262, 2009-2012)

Latvian Council of Science Research Project "Innovative structurally integrated composite materials: design, technology of production and processing, longevity. Structural integrity and durability of composite materials and structures” (Nr. 06.0029.3.2, 2006-2009)

Latvian Council of Science Research Project “Development of Theoretical-Experimental Methods for damage Identification in Composite Materials and Structures” (Nr. 04.1180, 2004-2008)

RTU Scientific Research Project “Damage Identification in a Plate-Like Structure using Modal Data” (Nr. ZP-2012/11, 2012)

RTU Scientific Research Project “Elaboration and Pilot Test Equipment and Development of Certification Methodology for Full Scale Final Product Tests” (Nr. ZP-2010/02, 2010-2011)

RTU Scientific Research Project “Scanning Methods for Quality Control of Tree-Dimensional Composite Structures” (Nr. ZP-2008/3, 2008-2009)

Ministry of Education and Science and RTU Science Research Project “Elastic Instability of Elastomer Structural Components of High Deformations” (Nr. R7401, 2008)

Ministry of Education and Science and RTU Science Research Project “Optimisation of Rib-Stiffened Composite Structure Load-Carrrying Capacity with Experimental Validation”(Nr. R7397, 2008)

Ministry of Education and Science and RTU Science Research Project “Numerical Modelling and Experimental Testing of the Composite Structural Load-Carrying Properties” (Nr. R7193, 2007)

Ministry of Education and Science and RTU Science Research Project “Development of Active Control Methods of Light Composite Material Constructions” (2007-2008)

Ministry of Education and Science and RTU Science Research Project “Characterization and Modelling of Advanced Hyperelastic Materials and Structural Components” (Nr. R7194, 2007)


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