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Polytec OFV-5000
The OFV-5000 Controller is the core of Polytec laser vibrometer system. Its modular design allows the frequency, velocity and displacement capabilities to be tailored to specific or multiple applications. Both analogue and digital decoders are available, giving a frequency range from near DC to 20 MHz, with velocities to ± 10 m/s and displacements from the sub-nanometer to meter range. The vibrometer system is comprised of controller electronics and a non-contact standard-optic or fibre-optic sensor head. The controller provides signals and power for the sensor head, and processes the vibration signals. These are electronically converted by specially developed decoders within the controller to obtain velocity and displacement information about the test structure. This information is provided by OFV-5000 in either analog or digital form, for further data evaluation.

ISI-SYS Vibrograph system
The Vibrograph is applied for:
* Vibration measurements typically in combination with laboratory shakers in harmonic excitation modes using the forced normal mode excitation method.
* Non-destructive testing in combination with dynamic, thermal heating and static loads (vacuum and internal pressure)


Riga Technical University